Sonic Youth’s New York Tour

For many music fans, Sonic Youth are synonymous with a certain idea of New York cool in the 80's, 90's, and 00's. The band straddled several eras and genres - No Wave, Grunge, Indie Rock - continually blurring the line between the experimental and the commercial, and offering an entry point to the avant garde for listeners around the world. Though their imprint on the city is so massive that a fully comprehensive tour would take days and cover multiple boroughs, this walking tour hits most of the key sites from across the group's career.

Locations include:
- The studios where they recorded some of their most beloved albums, including Daydream Nation, Goo, Dirty, Washing Machine, A Thousand Leaves, NYC Ghosts and Flowers, Murray Street, and Sonic Nurse
- Where Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, and Lee Ranaldo lived and worked during the group's early years
- Multiple rehearsal spaces from throughout their career, including locations they shared with Glenn Branca, the Beastie Boys, Cat Power, Blonde Redhead, Helmet, and Pavement
- Where the band's classic lineup made their live debut
- Key venues including the Knitting Factory, A's, TR3/Stillwende, and Just Above Midtown/Downtown
- Where the band's photo from the Daydream Nation inside cover was shot
- Sites relevant to many of the band's collaborators and the greater No Wave and Indie Rock communities, including Brian Eno and the No New York compilation, David Bowie, Swans, Lydia Lunch, Tom Verlaine, Public Enemy, Bongwater, Babes in Toyland, Dinosaur Jr, Galaxie 500, and Daniel Johnston


- Begins in Chinatown and ends in TriBeCa
- The tour lasts approximately three hours and covers three miles
- Comfortable shoes and bottled water are strongly recommended
- There is a bar break approximately halfway through the tour, so bring cash!
- Gratuities are welcome but not mandatory



- two person minimum -

in the event that only one person books a tour, they will be offered the chance to cancel or have a private tour for a slightly higher fee

Offered on Sundays starting September 15th.

Private weekday tours and large group rates available by request