Are you in a band? Does your band go on tour a lot? I know from experience how boring and repetitive it can often be, and I want to encourage and support you. I am offering 50% off on all walking tours for any group of musicians on tour. Wherever you’re from, however many people are in your touring party, whatever size venues you’re playing, whatever genre, it doesn’t matter.

The only rules are:

1. You have to contact me in advance with a link to your band’s music and tour schedule
2. It has to be at least two band members, I can’t do 50% for one person
3. This is basically an honor system thing, but it would be cool of you if you mentioned taking the tour on your band’s social media
4. If you’re a local NYC band, that’s great, just show me a tour schedule from within a couple months of your chosen walking tour date.

Get in touch with me at